8 Best Miami Bookkeepers & Bookkeeping Services Near Miami

We provide a list of the 8 best bookkeepers and bookkeeping services in Miami and go into detail about each business.

8 Best Miami Bookkeepers & Bookkeeping Services Near Miami

Miami Bookkeeping Companies

Who's the best bookkeeping service in Miami? What accountants provide great bookkeeping services in Miami?

We are Pulver CPA, Bookkeeping, Tax & Accounting in Miami, and we’d be honored to connect and show you how we can not only tackle your bookkeeping, but also help you reduce your taxes dramatically & build a more scalable business.

What are the best bookkeeping services in Miami?

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Pulver CPA Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax is the best bookkeeping service in Miami, and we’d consider them the top bookkeeper in the greater Miami area.

Why is Pulver CPA the best bookkeeper in Miami?

Well, it's partly because that’s what our mother told us, and partly because we’re not your typical bookkeeping service near Miami.

You’ll find some other lists of the best business accountants near Miami, and then a handful of other lists about Miami bookkeepers here, here and here.

What characteristics would the top Miami Bookkeeping Companies have?

  • They start by establishing a perfect chart of accounts
  • They do catch up bookkeeping if you’re behind
  • Then, monthly bookkeeping is integrated with tax reduction planning
  • They come with ideas to improve tax efficiency & profitability
  • They provide monthly dashboards & reports
  • Then, guidance before year-end about taxes
  • Finally, they deliver complete tax returns

We’re not just a bookkeeping company in Florida, we’re an outsourced accounting firm.

What that means is that we work throughout the year to help businesses lower taxes, build tax efficient wealth, improve scalability and ensure that you’re audit proof so that if the IRS ever chooses to audit you, you’re in the clear.

List of 8 Best Bookkeepers Near Miami Below -

Book a Tax Strategy Call:

We work exclusively with business owners, which means we have the capacity to provide tax strategy & tax analysis for you, rather than doing hundreds or thousands of personal tax returns.

By focusing on businesses, we can provide a tax strategy call & analysis.

Our Tax Strategy Call & Analysis Includes:

  • Initial Consultation about tax reduction ideas
  • Quick analysis of your tax returns to identify opportunities
  • Analysis of your books to discover how to add value
  • Proposal built just for your business

So, if you’re looking for a great bookkeeping service near Miami, or if you’re a business owner in Miami, or Florida looking for a great business accountant, then connect for a free tax strategy call & tax analysis.

We Typically Find THOUSANDS in Overpaid Tax.

Most accountants are overly busy and lack leadership, so their customers overpay in tax.

We don’t want to over promise here, but we almost always find major opportunities to save in taxes.  Most bookkeepers in Miami, and even Miami Tax Accountants, really struggle to slow down, examine a business for opportunities and then provide the leadership to implement those ideas.

We often find $8,000 to $25,000 in overpaid taxes for business owners creating net profits between $100,000 and $500,000, and the savings are significantly higher for our clients making more money.

Don’t settle for a Miami bookkeeper that doesn’t have a deep understanding of tax law, tax reduction strategies, and business growth, because it will cost you significantly over time.

8 Best Miami Bookkeepers & Bookkeeping Services

#1 Miami Bookkeeper - Pulver CPA

At Pulver CPA, we specialize in assisting digital agencies, real estate investors, and various small businesses with tax reduction planning, business tax preparation, trust and estate tax return advice, and bookkeeping.

Our motivation comes from empowering business owners and their families through diligent weekly engagement.

Understanding the challenges of entrepreneurship, our team is filled with CPA's and Accountants ready to streamline your business's financial operations.

Our founder, Aaron Pulver, is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Florida and New York and holds a BBA in Accounting.

Contact us to arrange a consultation and explore what we could bring to your business.

#2 Miami Bookkeeper - Keeping Your Book

Keeping Your Book primarily works with restaurants in Miami, Florida.

They are dedicated to helping businesses get organized with sound financial planning, record keeping, and administrative support where you need it most.

Their services focus on helping businesses with HR/payroll services, administration organization and accounting/bookkeeping needs so your time is focused on where your business needs YOU most.

#3 Miami Bookkeeper - Isa's Bookkeeping Services

Isa’s Bookkeeping Services set out to establish a bookkeeping business that would allow her to work to with small businesses in South Florida, with the primary goal of saving clients both time and money and allowing them to focus on growing their business. Bookkeeping is the lifeline of a business

They are extremely fortunate for our existing clients, which has afforded them the opportunity to expand and start building a client base all over Europe and South America.

They make it our priority to make sure that you know where your finances stand today.

#4 Miami Bookkeeper - Miami Bookkeeping Solutions

With decades of experience serving clients in Miami and across the country, Miami Bookkeeping Solutions can bring a new perspective to help you notice trends in your finances and create new systems to help you grow your business.

Their passion is making your monthly accounting reports mean more than just a list of numbers you don’t understand.

They do this by helping you identify growth opportunities and saving you money.

#5 Miami Bookkeeper - KelliWorks Accounting Firm

Kelli Lewis is the founder of KelliWorks and has over 17 years of experience working in intricate roles within various companies' administration and finance.

For Kelli, the most exciting part of her job is helping businesses persevere through the anxiety that tends to distract one from the joys of their company.

Over the past 13 years, her desire to work with small businesses has only grown.

As KelliWorks begins to expand by opening more offices (Currently in NJ & FL), her goal of remaining affordable will always remain stagnant.

#6 Miami Bookkeeper - Millenial Accounting

Growing up in a family of accountants and entrepreneurs, Katey never imagined that she would be either -- let alone both.

Katey spent the first 18 years of her life key-punching and doing bank reconciliations for her mom's accounting firm, and her first job was working for the family CPA.

She started Millennial Accounting after becoming a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor, and later became a Certified TsheetsPRO.

#7 Miami Bookkeeper - Easy Books Consulting

Thanks to remote work, Easy Books provides bookkeeping and accounting services for business owners all over the United States.

They provide business owners with the financial information they need to grow their businesses to maximum profitability while having minimum tax liability.

Easy Books are experts in diving deeper into the numbers, providing insight and analysis to business owners to help drive revenue, decrease expenses, reduce taxes and identify opportunities for increased margins.

#8 Miami Bookkeeper - Digit Lime Bookkeeping

Brett Boerman, founder of Digital Lime, has had the privilege of working in the accounting industry for just under a decade and small biz bookkeeping for 5+ years.

He prides himself on not only creating an accurate set of books but the ultimate goal is helping people UNDERSTAND them.

He is not providing actionable insights, the financial statements quickly lose value, he is here to take the bookkeeping burden off of you + offer professional insight where he can.