Miami Tax Strategist & Tax Reduction Specialist

Tax Reduction Planning

We make sure business owners never over pay in taxes and keep as much of what they earn as possible.

Never Overpay in Tax & Build Tax Efficient Wealth

Get aggressive, year-long & proactive tax reductio planning

We specialize in helping business owners identify & implement strategies to significantly lower their taxes.  We'll help lower taxes year to year, and over your lifetime.

Year-round and proactive

We work throughout the year to help you implement every tax loophole and tax reduction strategy possible.

Optimized Entity Structuring

We will help you decide on the right business entities for your needs and structure them to save you money and keep you protected.

Long term tax reduction

We will help your family and estate reduce your overall tax liability throughout your entire lifetime.

Miami Tax Strategist & Tax Reduction Specialist

Tax reduction planning Miami Florida

Here at Pulver CPA Tax & Accounting, we help business owners keep more of what they make. If you're not getting year round, proactive tax planning well before the end of the year, you're probably overpaying in taxes.

Miami Tax Strategist & Tax Reduction Specialist

We're not your typical tax accountant

The typical tax preparation company only focuses on preparing your tax return. We pride ourselves on proactively working with clients to save them money and catering to their specific tax and accounting needs.

Outsourced Accounting Services

One Service That Includes Everything

We're not your typical "year-end" tax and accounting firm. We serve as your outsourced accountants throughout the year.  We'll handle everything so you can stay focused and profitable.

Catchup & Cleanup

We will start by cleaning up your bookkeeping and catching everything up so you are setup just right.

In-Depth Tax Reduction Analysis

We will deep-dive your tax return and accounting to find opportunities to save in taxes.

Comprehensive Tax Reduction Plan

We will put together a specific plan for you to reduce taxes in the current year, and over your lifetime.  We'll update it often.

Perform Top-Tier Bookkeeping

We will make sure your accounting and bookkeeping is always up to date.

Setup & Run the Best Payroll

We take the confusion out of payroll, and help you onboard new clients, contractors and employees.

Pay in Taxes & Avoid Surprises

We will pay in your taxes according to the tax plan we created and ensure you never fall behind or give the government more than necessary.

Monthly or Quarterly Reports

We will help you understand your business and numbers by providing dashboards and reports that are helpful for you.

Meet Before Year End

We will meet well before year end to help you make any major decisions around spending and investing.

Year-End Closeout

We will close out your financial year and provide helpful reports.

Year End Taxes a Breeze

Your business and personal taxes are made easy since we have done your bookkeeping and payments through the year.

Prepare & File Your Taxes

We will take care of your year end tax returns.

Build Tax Efficient Wealth

We will help you build wealth and mitigate risks along the way.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Take a Step Towards a More Profitable & Simple Future

Procrastination leads to overpaid taxes and more stagnation, book a call today and we are certain you will enjoy the process.

Miami FL Tax Reduction Planning Services - Pulver CPA in Miami FL

Maximize Your Tax Savings

Lower Your Tax Liability & Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Don't Overpay in Taxes: The Hidden Cost of Missed Opportunities

As a business owner in Miami, FL, it's crucial to ensure that you're not overpaying in taxes and that you're taking advantage of every available opportunity to reduce your tax liability.

Many business owners miss out on significant tax savings because their accountant is too busy to provide a fully engaged tax plan.

At Pulver CPA, we specialize in proactive tax reduction planning, helping you implement strategies that maximize your tax savings and keep more money in your pocket.

Harness the Power of Strategic Entity Structuring

Optimize Your Miami FL Crypto Company Tax Benefits

One of the key tax reduction strategies we assist business owners with is maximizing the benefits of the S-Corporation structure.

By properly structuring your entity, you can minimize self-employment taxes and take advantage of tax-saving opportunities unique to S-Corporations.

Our Miami FL team at Pulver CPA has extensive experience working with crypto companies, enabling us to tailor tax reduction strategies specific to your industry niche.

Build Wealth While Reducing Your Taxable Income

Retiring in Miami FL: Leverage Retirement Plans for Tax Advantages

Small business retirement plans offer a powerful tax reduction tool.

By implementing the right retirement plan, such as a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA or a Solo 401(k), you can contribute pre-tax dollars, reduce your taxable income, and build wealth for your future.

Our team in Miami FL will help you navigate the complexities of retirement plan options, ensuring you choose the right plan that aligns with your business and long-term financial goals.

Accelerate Asset Write-Offs & Reduce Your Taxable Income

Maximize Deductions with Section 179 & Bonus Depreciation

Section 179 and bonus depreciation provisions allow you to deduct the full cost of qualifying business assets in the year of purchase.

By properly utilizing these deductions, you can accelerate asset write-offs, reduce your taxable income, and lower your overall tax liability.

Our tax reduction planning experts will guide you through the intricacies of these provisions, ensuring you take full advantage of the available deductions.

Unlock Tax Savings with Strategic Real Estate Investments

Explore Tax-Advantaged Strategies for Miami FL Real Estate Investors

Real estate investments offer unique tax advantages that can significantly reduce your overall tax liability.

Through strategies such as cost segregation, 1031 exchanges, and the utilization of rental property deductions, you can unlock substantial tax savings.

Our team at Pulver CPA has deep expertise in assisting real estate investment companies in Miami, FL, helping them leverage these tax-advantaged strategies to maximize their tax savings and investment returns.

Ensure You're Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Deductions

Optimize Deductions with Proper Business Structure

Structuring your business near Miami FL properly can lead to substantial tax savings.

Whether it's the hiring of your children, utilizing fringe benefits, implementing the Augusta Rule, or maximizing home-office deductions, our tax reduction planning services will help you optimize your tax deductions while remaining compliant with IRS regulations.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your business structure aligns with your specific needs and goals, unlocking potential tax benefits.

Discover the Benefits of Proactive Tax Reduction Planning

Partnering with Pulver CPA in Miami, FL, for tax reduction planning is a strategic move that can have a significant impact on your business's financial health.

By implementing proactive tax strategies, leveraging tax-saving opportunities unique to your industry niche, and optimizing

Be certain you're not overpaying in taxes by booking your second opinion tax strategy session today.

Pulver CPA Tax & Accounting

Learn more about our approach, who we are, and how we serve people.

What's the best way to get tax reduction planning for a small business?

What does a business owner need to do in order to reduce taxes & ensure they implement every tax reduction strategy possible?

Our mission is to help ensure people NEVER overpay in tax.

The key is to do so with integrity, and not making silly mistakes that cause you to trigger IRS letters, audits or problems.

The best tax reduction planners are going to focus on providing year-round, pro-active guidance to their customers, deeply engaging in their bookkeeping, tax returns and business strategy.

Tax Code & Business Goals Drive Tax Strategy

Great Tax Reduction Strategies are rooted in understanding the tax code & business goals. We're part of a group of tax reduction strategists that are committed to providing pro-active tax reduction planning throughout the year so that business owners can keep more of what they earn to invest in the future or build wealth.

Future Growth vs. Paying Tax

The main tax strategies you'll see, as noted by Minneapolis Tax strategist Passageway Financial, is to invest for growth. You're faced with either leaving the profits in your bank account, or making strategic investments to grow your business.  There are others that align to our outsourced accounting strategy, such as Pheonix tax reduction planner Whyte CPA,  Tax Accountant for Contractors Asnani CPA, and Omaha Business Accountant Performance Financial.

Tax Reduction Planning Ideas:

  • Maximize Your S-Corp
  • Setup Business Retirement Plans like Solo 401k's, SEP IRA's, and Simple IRA's
  • Pay Health Care & Fringe Benefits
  • Invest in Real Estate & use Depreciation or Cost Segregations for Bonus Depreciation
  • Purchase Equipment for Future Growth
  • Setup Management Companies & Shift Income
  • Hire your Children & Family Members
  • Create a Highly Deductible Lifestyle
  • Estate Planning & Trust Strategies
  • Succession Planning

The Key to Reducing Taxes is to be Pro-Active

The best tax reduction planners are engaged throughout the year, are not too busy to focus on your business, and will come to you with ideas to reduce your taxes. You'll see other peers of ours delivering similar tax reduction planning strategy such as St. Louis Tax Strategists Lime Lime Life, Houston CPA Makh Accounting, Chicago CPA & Business Accountant Darion Wiggs, and tax accountant & bookkeeper for fitness professionals Fitness & Taxes.  Great tax planning requires people to be engaged in your business throughout the year, and that's exactly what we're committed to do for our customers

We'll Find Tax Reduction Opportunities

We almost always find ways to reduce your taxes.

Whether it's maximizing your S-Corp to it's full potential (while obeying the reasonable salary laws), or starting to buy and depreciate real estate, we find ways to save you far more than the cost of our outsourced accounting services.